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not again. [14 Oct 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | crushed ]

so i definitely feel like im back in first semester of last year. i am feeling so incredibly lonely, sad, and desolate. i dunno. i guess i could take it for the last month or two, but now, the utter reality of my life is coming to my attention. i really dont have many good friends here. i dont have anyone i really hangout with, shop with, go to movies with, all that, except jeff. and jeffs wonderful, he always has been and always will be. but sometimes, thats just not enough. i miss my girls terribly. i miss having people i can sit aorund and do nothing with but still have a blast. i miss bad horror movie nites with ash. i miss cooking ourselves food at all hours of the night. i miss being able to tell people my heart and soul, every detail of my life, and not be afraid of what they might think. i miss having a group of people i feel support me, have my back, and love me unconditionally. i miss my family. gahhh. i hate that im being so emo. im 19 years old & i need to grow up. but i cant just help but feel like my life is missing something. its missing good friends who care about me. who want to go out for ice cream just cause. who want to watch a movie and make popcorn because we want to procrastinate on doing things were sposed to be doing. aoefijwaoifjaosfijoawiejfawlkfjlsda. maybe i just suck at making friends. maybe im a bitch. a mean girl whos just completely unsociable. i have no idea. all i know, is im tired of doing homework alone in my room. and im tired of missing everyone. and im tired of being me right now.

i cant wait til october 28th when i will get out of this hell and be with my girls. what a weekend that will be.

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[22 Sep 2005|02:27pm]
ps. everyone who is traveling, or who is stuck in houston, please be safe this weekend. i will try and call everyone if i can, but the phones are being so ridiculous right now...i cant even imagine what theyll be like when rita hits. but just know i love you all and miss you terribly.
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hm hmm hmm [14 Sep 2005|01:39am]
i cant wait til next weekend. im really ready for some girl bonding time. i miss having a bunch of girlfriends to act like an idiot around and to go to for anything and to hangout with when theres nothing to do. the only girlfriend i have here, that i really do anything alone with or really talk to about stuff, is kristi and shes so busy even that is hard to come by. i know im busier & stuff here, but it just seems like my girls back home just make more of an effort to be good friends ya know? i guess that could just be because of our long pasts together. but i dunno, i just miss it. dont get me wrong, ive been having a blast with jeff, and the whole group, and kt & corbet...i just miss having girlfriends, theres a certain side of us that only comes out when its just girls & i miss that. i miss that side of me.

anyways enough whining.

today was jerameys bday, we ate delicious cupcakes out on the foster porch & talked about stuff. he spent a weekend in l.a. with MATILDA & it sounds amazing. were planning some sort of birthday dinner/get together for the weekend....not sure when/what. prolly friday though.

next weekend will be amazing, out to san marcos for swimming, shopping, tubing, eating, and late night talking with my best friends ( all the girls AND jeff too. <3 u hunny.) ahhh cant wait. i love birthdays!

then the next weekend home, to see my wonderful family!! eeee!

sometime next week kristi wants a bunch of us to go out to eat for my birthday so everyone whos interested lemme know what nite is good for u...after 9 though cuz thats when all my classes end. itll have to be a late dinner...but itll still be way fun :)

went to see the advanced screening of The Baxter earlier tonite, quite funny. oh the perks of being a dj's girlfriend. haha.

anyway im off to bed. love u all <3

ps. jenna marie rose. lemme know if ur gonna be able to come to san marcos nxt wknd so we can work out rides & junk. & dont worry if you cant, i KNOW you are strapped for cash (btw were staying in shans room) and you NEED to be working. so i completely and utterly understand if you need to work that weekend. so just let me know and ill love u no matter waht. hehehe. <3
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emergency, such a tragedy [09 Sep 2005|09:34am]
so the past week or so has been great.

i went home last weekend & surprised everybody. very very much fun. shan, ash, (and of course court) were all home so i spent a night with them, and a night with the fam. such a blast!

only 2 weeks til we go to san marcos for my bday...ahh!! so excited! ps: were stayin with shan now, no hotel, no muy expensiveness :-D anyways i cant wait.

my babys on the radio now. eee! its so fun to listen! 88.7 fm mon/fri 11-1 & sun 6-9am, listen.

oh man last nite, poor kristi had to deal with her roommate probs headon...about 1-130 in the morning. all turned out well...for the nite at least. well see how things go when she gets back tomorrow.

class time....im out!

o.m.g. FENIX TX is playin a reunion tour...itll be here NOV 5TH!! AHHHH! so escatic.
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baby i was born to run... [31 Aug 2005|12:32am]
so i figured whilst i had a bit of a lull in my crazy schedule i'd make a quick update.

heres what i think of classes so far:
karate: going to kick my ass, but be lots of fun ( we get to yell, and kick, bow to each other!)
media writing and editing I: i am goign to LOVE this class. too bad its only once a week...im so excited about it though. i really think im going to end up being a journalist. i have too much passion for it, to not do it.
tv/film aesthetics: the letdown of course is i have mcgettigan again, not a bad teacher by any means, but i found it really hard to do well in her film history class. buuut, an upside, the material is much more interesting and way more up my alley so i think i may do well. scratch that. i WILL do well.
mass comm: its gonna be easy as pie. one of those classes where u know everything already...easy shmeezy. i need one of these classes in my craziness.
geology: dr breyer is sooo entertaining & a great teacher. the subject matter is a little dull, but i dont see the class being a bore at all. shouldnt be too bad :)
religion in society: definitely an interesting subject. i think i find the reading more fun than the actual class...dr tsai is, well, pretty boring. but that class makes me feel all intellectual. cuz he uses big words & i understand it. yay!

aside from classes ive been workin at the Skiff (finally think ive got the hang of it, pretty simple, pretty fun), hangin out with jeffrey, roomie (kt), mr corbet, and my pretty kristi.

movies ive seen lately: red eye (suspensful, entertaining, realy short & kept my attention...thats a good thing), 40 yr old virgin (hiiilllarious, specially the ending dance sequence) and The Aristocrats (the most politically incorrect / socially unacceptable movie i have ever seen in my entire life. funny at times. disturbing at others. )

my roomie is amazing. i dont even feel like shes my roommate. we just have fun together. its not like last year...where jsut living with katy g. was just a task. and everything she did bugged the hell out of me. im so thankful i found ms parris :)

jeff & i are wonderful. it feels like a weight was lifted off of me when we had a long talk a few weeks ago...since then its been like when we first met...pure bliss...butterflies in the tummy...just complete love and respect for each. its amazing.

i miss all my girls dearly. theyre truly are the light of my life... im just so happy with them. i cant wait to see em all for my birthday. cuz no one throws a birthday celebration like the cult :)

i miss my fam too. i didnt really realize how close i got to them this summer. with my dad being home all the time, and my sister getting so darn cool, and my mom being awesome...we just spent lots of time together this summer. i cant wait to see em in a month!

anyways ive got a quiz tomorrow & a lunch date with ms kristi keese. so off i go for some beauty rest. <3
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and then theres nights that never end... [23 Aug 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so here i am, back at tcu. torn between two worlds...i was so happy at home this summer, but im so happy here.

kt and i's room is absolutely amazing. were are perfect roomies :) it sooo much bigger than last years room and muuuch nicer. its so comfy and homey and good feeling in here. just happiness in our room :-D

just been chilling since i moved in, hungout with the family thru saturday, caught up with people around campus & heard great summer stories (jeramy made out with the girl who was in Matilda and Mrs Doubtfire!!) i got my job all set up at the Skiff, im copy editing with a reporting story here and there. 7.50 an hour...just as good as mountasia, but a much better job. i work in oh...about 30 mins, haha. its good to be back , but i still miss everybody.

it wierd to go from being so incredibly comfortable with your friend & family to coming back and sorta putting your guard up, since u odnt know people as well... court called me earlier today, just to check on me...makes me really appreciated the great people i have in my life. siiigh. my bday weekend will rock! ( btw if no one knows about it, were goin to San Marcos -TX State- to visit Shan and to float the river and visit Austin) anyone who knows my lj is welcome to come...cuz old good friends read this so yeah.

anyways, i should go get things ready for class tomorow and work in a bit. i have af eeling its gonna be a long night, what with the first issue coming out tomorrow and all.

love you all, lots.


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okay, an update finally. [14 Jun 2005|12:04pm]
sorry for the lack of update-age, my life just never seems to slow down...

ive been workin 35 hours plus the last few weeks & man have they been drama-filled. but i suppose i should have expected that. you can never avoid drama at the mountain. too many people date, break up, fight, pulls knives on each other, gossip, and suck at their jobs. needless to say we have lost quite a few staff members lately, poor brendan :-\

aside from work ive just been spending time with everyone i can. jeffy finally got back from florida & that was a fun reunion! been playin lotsa board games with everybody til the wee hours of the morning. haha were such good kids. board games til 3. not drunk til 3. woo woo!

i realy really wanna go on vacation sometime soon. we wanted to go back to panama city but no one else (other than me & ash) want to go!! **JENN if u still wanna go lemme know & we'll start makin plan ;)**

so my dad no longer has a job. by choice. mid life crisis. gahhh. his last day is thurs. its a long story, but basically hes bored and wants a new job totally unlike the one he has so he has to go back to school. for SOME reason though, he couldnt wait til i got outta college... now im not sure how were gonna afford tcu anymore, i may have to end up transferring after a semester next year. :( im so frustrated. this move was just so selfish. i wish he would have thought of his family before doing it...were going to be prety poor for awhile now...and i may have to change schools...and...ugh. i just wish he could have stuck it out for a few more years. they even offered him more money to stay!!!

wellll today is my day off so im going to go shower & get ready for it.
it shall include swimming in annas fancy pool (cuz shes in ajerbijon) with ash & carrie
and workin on our new scrapbook with jeffy


have good days/weeks until my next update!
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the lifers, here til the bitter end, condemned from the start [26 May 2005|05:33pm]
quick update...

the last few weeks have been a whirlwind...

worked a TON...my paycheck should be pretty much amazing next week, so thats exciting...

spendin lots of time with the family, lots of looong talks with my mom and grandparents (who, by the way, are doing great...grandpa has surgery comign up, but is very very optimistic about it :) ) my grandma is so utterly convinced i should be a lawyer. she used to work at the courthouse in beaumont and says i 'articulate my point' better than any lawyer shes ever seen. she refuses to let it go..so funny. ironic though...because the last couple of months ive actually been considering law school after tcu. who knows? i think id be a damn good lawyer too. no one can win an argument/me with me.

spending lots of time with friends. its so great to be close with everyone again. im finding myself falling right back into place with these people...its so amazing how we can be apart for almost a year and pick up where we left off without a hitch. spending time with ash, shan, scotty, jen, court, jeff, cay...the whole gang...has been just wonderful. ahh i love it. im so glad we have 3 months left :)

im really starting to miss my independence though. like, its wonderful being home, it really is. but its so wierd having to live under someone elses roof again. and so wierd not to be able to run down the hall and spend time w. friends whenever i want, any hour of the day. im so excited about next semester!!

so whats up for me this summer? making as much money at the mountain as possible, taking a few vacations with my gals, goin to the Fleet reunion in Detroit beginning of August, and doin a whole lot of relaxing and spending time with family. i plan on takin my sister out a lot :) i love her.

ok i gotta go get my lasagna outta the oven so we can all eat in a bit! adios! love u all!
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[17 May 2005|10:47am]
so while i have a few minutes to spare...

since ive been home i have:
been to astroworld
went to the astros game and saw them kick the giants ARSES.
spent time with my family
visited with ashley
hungout with ALL my girls
seen Cayleys new apartment/town home/little cute house
caught up on SLEEP
shopped at Kohls. oh i love kohls.
not studied.

oh man. i havent studied in almost a week. it is amazing. i am loving it.

me, jeffy, jen, ash, & shan are about to go to the woodlands for some Chipotle & Urban Outfitters shopping, YESSSS. fun fun fun will be had!

i start work tomorrow. blah. i think im doing cleaning/inventory though b/c my hours are when we are still closed...hmm. guess well see.
me & jeff (and whoeever else would like to join) are going to visit ms courtney @ her work (Brien O'Neills Pub) tom nite. its 1/2 price burger nite. i cant wait to see her in her little skanky pub uniform so i can tease her! :-P

its been nice bein home. a bit of an adjustment. but nice nonetheless. its wierd not being able to go down the hall and see friends whenever i want...and being back to the, 'gah kingwoods so boring' thing. i suppose the only cure is to go downtown more often...hence last nite. we visited cayleys & amandas new place downtown and had late night snacks at the Montrose Diner. it was pretty good. we were hopin for one of the flamer waiters just cuz theyd be fun, but no such luck.

i miss my little horned frogs. siiiigh. only three months kiddos!!

ok off to get ready bc jeffrey will be here soon & i am no where near ready & i dont like being rushed by anyone but myself so byebye.
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im just a dog eared page, you turn back to... [11 May 2005|03:57pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

busy busy busy busy. im gonna miss this place over the summer. but most of all ill miss the people.

thanks to all u tcu kids who made my freshman year great :) so many good memories...cant wait til next semester!

be sure & update over the summer and i will do the same...i love u all!!!

off for my last workout @ the rec until august...and to hangout with katie b/c its her last full day here. :(

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[09 May 2005|09:04pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

so my papa has prostate cancer. and my mimi has a clogged artery.

seriously, why is my whole family destined to die of painful, unnatural things?? kidney cancer (the rarest form) for my grandma...the most amazing person to ever walk this earth. 4 heart attacks 3 strokes (the last one did it) for my grandpa. my uncle and his liver cancer. my step-grandpa and his throat cancer. my great grandpa and lung cancer. my dad got through, thank goodness, heart surgery & had his clogged arteries fixed about a year and a half ago. such a close call. my uncle has a rare muscle disease (and diabetes II) that makes him unable to sleep and have spasms all the time. now this?

life really does you in sometimes, huh? it tests your strength by handing every obstacle possible all at once & reveling in how well/badly you handle it.

im gonna be strong though. i know i can get through this all and be okay. i know my grandparents can get through it okay. they both caught their problems early. they both can be helped & be better very soon. prostate cancer is the least serious of all cancers, and the easiest one to deal with. my grandma is going to my dads doctor, because he is amazing, and one of the best heart surgeons in the country.

i worry about my mom though. i wish i could be there to hug her right now. its so hard to try and help someone over the phone, when theyre hysterical and sad and so unhappy. they need hugs and love and things you just cant give over the phone. she is so close to her dad and this is real hard on her. i have to be strong. for her.

if i didnt have finals i would be driving home right now.

"Nobody plans to be half a world away at times like these, so I sat alone and waited out the night. The best part of what has happened was the part I must have missed. So I'm asking you to shine it on and stick around. I'm not writing my goodbyes. I submit no excuse. If this is what I have to do I owe you every day I wake. If I could I would shrink myself and sink through your skin to your blood cells and remove whatever makes you hurt but I am too weak to be your cure...I'm not letting you check out. You will beat this starting now and you will always be around. I'm there to monitor your breathing I will watch you while you're sleeping. I will keep you safe and sound." -- brand new. how im feeling right now to a tee.

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[09 May 2005|01:21pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

oh the things you can get done when u dont want to study.

i heart my new layout.

i dont like saying goodbyes...

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dont come crying back to be when youre lonely and out of love... [07 May 2005|12:52am]
so i have so many different emotions right now. anxious about exams & grades... happy about seeing my family...nervous about goin back to work with all new staff...sad about leaving tcu & my wonderful friends...excited about not having to study for three months...angry at tcu for all the recent problems with getting the majors i want...confused about what to do now...

so what happens when i get emotional like that? i listen to music not stop, workout and keep myself uber busy.

things learned this week:
ive rekindled my love for brandston.
coldstone is the most amazing ice cream ever. specially when eaten with ktp ;)
packing really doesnt take that long.
note cards help crazy lots.
i miss my mommy.
you cant double major or major/minor in the communications school. at all. GR.
changing a tire on an Xterra is super hard, specially when people are yelling profanities at you.
jude law isnt always gorgeous.
i have 5 dollars and 8 cents left on my meal card.
sleep is overrated.
letters from the bff = a good mood alllll day.

okay, thats my update. sorry not very detailed, but tis how im feeling at the moment.

i love life.
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finally an update... [04 May 2005|03:18pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

so ive been super busy lately & havent been able to update... so here goes some catching up...

this weekend was amazing, spent time with my favorite girls, met really cool new people, and got to make my bff happy & celebrate her bday. fuuuuun weekend.

ive packed a good portion of my room already, its kinda sad. i really thought id be much more excited about going home, but i think im gonna miss it here alot. ive gotta take a bunch of stuff down to my storage unit this wknd, its sad cuz i have to store all my pictures & stuffed animals & memories. siiigh.

yesterday me n jeff helped ms katie change her tire. boy that was an adventure. some people are so rude too
! no one offered to help!!! and people called us angry names b/c we wouldnt let them park where we were changing the tire!! AH! mean girls.

ive been studyin like crazy and probably will be until i leave, so there most likely wont be many updates bt now and then...

ahhh my freshman classes are ALL over!! AHHH!

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bahahhaha [02 May 2005|06:17pm]

Aly Jeanette Fleet's Aliases

Your movie star name: Cake Benny

Your fashion designer name is Aly Berlin

Your socialite name is Zena Panama

Your fly girl / guy name is A Fle

Your detective name is Koala Kingwood

Your barfly name is Fig Newton Strawberry Daquiri

Your soap opera name is Jeanette Houghton

Your rock star name is Starburst Cheetah

Your star wars name is Alywil Flejef

Your punk rock band name is The Calm Toaster

fig newton strawberry daquiri. hahahahhahahahh. oh i love it.

thanks ash ;)
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last entry til probably monday... [29 Apr 2005|01:02am]
so i figured i would update since im gonna be pretty busy here in the next few days...

SAC was hilariously dirty tonite! funniest one i seen to date though, most definitely! sucks some of those guys are leavin though, i hope the funny level doesnt drop next semester.

katie treated me to not one, but TWO meals tonite. i love that gal.

tomorrow ( and the whole weekend) i get to celebrate my bestest friends birthday AND see all my other wonderful bffs who i grew up with and love to death. i jsut cant wait. it is goin to be a blast and a great break from the amount of studying ive been doing since spring break (and will be doing next week).

sunday is medieval times, so that should be fun! that will be the one day i dont have to worry about food, because the food there can fill you up for days if you eat it all. mmmmmm. delicious. im so glad im not a veggie head. that chicken is dammmmn good.

ive got my interview for the Daily Skiff tomorrow, wish me luck! I fairly confident about it because of my journalism background and my references really like me so I'm expecting good things. I really hope I get the job b/c 1) experience for my career 2) it pays 3) ill get to be more involved on campus 4) i like to write 5) itll be fun.

ok well it is shower time & bedtime! love you all!
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oh man. at peace. [27 Apr 2005|02:38pm]
ahhh i feel so relieved right now. finished all 3 of my quizzes for the week, did 2 of the 3 problem sets due next week, have notecards made for 2 of my final reviews already, cleaned up my room, did laundry, and have plans for the weekend. so nice to not have anything to worry about for a few days. well except for my Skiff interview.

change of plans for the weekend though, the girls and i are stayin in jens dorm for the weekend. thats a load off my shoulders cuz now i dont have to try and save lots of spots on the street so they dont get parking tickets and try and get around the 3 person sleeping in a room limit. i think the plan is to go out to dinner when the girls get in friday nite, then head over to dallas for a night out of fun!! then saturday were coming to little ole fort worth to visit the ZOO! so well probably stop by here, ill show em my room and introduce em to my friends...ahem...katie... :) im not sure what after that, but no matter, its always a grand time with those girlies. i cant wait to give jen her present! eee! i love birthdays! and i love my best f riend! and i miss her! i hope her shaggin wagon gets fixed soon. **tear** that things a part of my childhood.

im so ready for all this school stuff to be ready. im majorly stressing. i have absolutely NO money on my food account so i have eat ramen allll the time and it makes me want to cry. sigh. i cant wait for my mommys cooking. next week classes end, and major studying begins. also have to pack up & take stuff down to my storage unit.

i so psyched about this weekend, seeing my girls, and goin to Medieval Times with jeffs fam & the KHS MILITARY MARCHING BAND sunday afternoon <--- I get to see Sabrina & Kevin & Michael (all my exmountasiabandnerd friends!!) and jeffs sis Meredith, way cool gal. itll be nice to not have to pay for food for once, and to see his family. fun fun fun.

ok ok ok off to finish laundry.

sac tomorrow! eee! i love life.
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[24 Apr 2005|02:14pm]
so this weekend has been pretty fun so far! lets seeee friday night me and jeff rented Murder on the Orient Express and it was pretty good. it was one of those who-dunnit type films, kinda like Clue. id recommend it :) i also talked to courtney a bunch and she was in a crazy mood so it was fun. she gets very eccentric at times. quite entertaining... i miss her.

saturday i woke up and went to breakfast/lunch with katie p and jeffy poo. kt bought our food cuz she is wonderously rich in her food account, and me and jeff are sadly, very poor. (30 dollars for the next 3 weeks) then we headed outside to Spring Fling, and got free tshirts, beads, leis, and drinks. we played in the sandbox for a bit and then watched part of the Battle of the Bands. the first band i saw was so-so, but the second one was really good i thought, kinda gave me a flashback to Matt Reviere (by voice and style) but not of course in guitar talent...no one can play better than that boy. man...jimi hendrix reborn, im telling you. anyways, im not sure who won...i didnt stay for that long :)
then i went back to my room and hardcore cleaned up and ran to walmart to get some stuff for movin out and a present for kts bday and some other jazz. then i got to see katie all prettied up for her formal! then me n jeff used our free coupons and got free Potbellys for lunch, WHOA is that place delicious! good deal too! then we went to Joe T's to celebrate mr Todds birthday. then it was off to see the Interpreter. that movie was really good! kinda confusing at parts, but very good!

woke up this morning...went to spring fling 2 expecting some free shrimp, but alas, there was none! so i had to use what little money i had on my food account to buy me a grilled cheese! sigh. now im going to read film & study a little bio and broadcasting ( get a head start on exams ) then ill go see better than ezra out in front of the student center at like 7, that should be fun. that stage they brought was hella fancy. guess those early ninety bands still got it goin on. haha.

i cant believe my girls are gonna be here in FIVE days! ah im excited! kinda ancy cuz nothing really planned..but excited nonetheless!! ee! i cant wait to give jen her present!

3 weeks til im home! eee!!

ok ok ok homework time. here i go. bye bye.
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sooo [22 Apr 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]

so ive really got nothing at all to do this weekend. aside from doing some early studying for exams and my film quiz wed...

i wanna go see The Interpreter sometime though, Sean Penn = gorgeous. ;-)

i wanna try & get some plans in stone for when all my girls get here next friday! woop woop!! i cant wait!!!!

ive figured out that getting the GPA i got last semester (3.8) is not possible anymore...the highest i can get is a 3.6 and thats ONLY if i miss 1 question or less on my broadcasting exam...eep. dunno how thats gonna go over. but im gonna work my butt off for that...a 3.4 would make me really sad. siigh. im just so frustrated, cuz ive worked even harder than i did last semester and its getting me nowhere! i was so sure my classes were gonna be easier this semester. :-(

i love the people in my life right now. i have the most amazing family, who supports me no matter what, and were all so close. they trust me, respect me, and believe in me. i cant wait to spend the summer with them. i have the best friends (back home) i could ever ask for, were always there for each other, and theres never a day goes by that i dont get an email/call/letter from one of my girls and smile because they make me so happy and proud to be their friend. i have the most amazing boyfriend ever, who is so kind and generous and compassionate. who truly loves me for what i am and what i am not. who respects me and believes in me and helps me through everything. whos drive and dedication make me so proud to be his girlfriend. the friends i have made here at tcu (though few) are so wonderful. they are all so kind & supportive & intelligent & fun. they are all so selfless and go out of their way to make others happy. im so glad to have met these people, they have influenced me in ways theyll never know, and i hope i will continue to learn from and grow with them in the next few years :) its such a great feeling making connections with people, earning trust from someone, supporting each other, and loving people. *sigh* i love all of you. :)

time to work out? i think so.


ps. katie parris'hair looks HAWT. ;)

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procrastinating.,.... [19 Apr 2005|01:43pm]
1. What do you value most in a relationship? understanding, love, compassion, friendship
2. What is your current status? taken since 12-27-02, until forever. :-D
3. How would you define love with one word? amazing
4. What do you value more, friendship or a perfect relationship? i think the two go hand in hand, a perfect relationship wouldnt be perfect without frienship.
5. Are you presently in love with someone? most definitely
6. Do you know of anybody who likes you? lol...i think so..
7. What is the most romantic song you have ever heard? oh jeez. Ataris - I wont spend another night alone, i dreamt of having a guy sing that at my window with an acoustic guitar for yeeears. never happened tho. *hint hint nudge nudge*
8. Do you prefer romantic or a physical relationship? (What did I get myself into?) romantic.
9. Are you into your typical dates or do you prefer to be spontaneous with someone? both are good, depends on my mood.
10. How romantic are you on a scale of one to ten? 8
11. How flirtatious are you? so so
12. Are you attracted to people of the same sex? eh not so much
13. Do you believe in the opposites attract concept? not really. if there are not common links between the two people i think its very hard to keep a good relationship.
14. What turns you on? sense of humor & intelligence
15. What turns you off? ignorance, closed mindedness, being condescending, show offs
16. If you could have anybody's singing voice, whose would you have? oh man. um how about Michelle Nolan (Straylight Run)
17. Magazine: err im not really into magazines
18: Item of clothing: my RX Bandits tshirt, my khaki skirt, my holy jeans, or my lacy black tank.
19. Make up product: eyeliner
20. Websites: livejournal, facebook, yahoo
21. Fruit: strawberries & kiwis, tropical ness
22. Name/s: boys: Dante
Name/s: girls: Guinevere
23. Emotion: love
24. Place to be: panama city with my ladies.
25. Album: i refuse to answer this. i cannot pick just one.
26. Jewelry: my star fossil watch thats broken temporarily & my irish love knot ring
27: Shampoo: herbal essences...not the flowery smell though
28. Word: shmeeksmock
29. Time of day: mm id say nap time.
30. Color/s: teal/dark green
31. Language: english with an irish accent. scottish is ok too.
32. Swearword: biiiaatch.
33: Comedian: mitch hedberg, dane cook, bobcat
34. Shop: urban outfitters & value village.
35. Clothing style: cute & comfy
36. Movie genre: 80s movies, comedies, dramas, foreign films, documentaries
37. In what ways are you creative? guitar. poetry. scripts. stories. songwriting.
38. Do you draw? only on my class notes
39. Do you write, (if so, what)? songs, poems, scripts
40. Do you sing? absolutely
41. How big is your imagination? i have a big imagination as in im a wildly abstract thinker, but i rarely act on whims... im very grounded.
42. Are you easily embarrassed? yeah.
43. When was the last time you got upset and why? a fewdays ago. and i dont know why. i just started crying...i think it was a combination of my dad being mean, missing my mom, and not having many good friends here
44. Insert some of your favorite song lyrics:
**i want life in every word, to the extent that its absurd -- the postal service
**its gonna take a lot of time before i can cross that finish line-- ben kweller
**talk to me like you dont know what we ever fought about, cuz i dont remember anymore--copeland
**wherever i go im taking you with me, deep in my soul you always will be my way back home, your my way back home--denver harbor
**and i will take a step back and ill let you ahead and i will take a step away and see if you come back because theres no more trying to make this alright theres no more trying theres no more trying tonite we will never be the same we will never be the same....until your done--the early november
45. Time finished: 2:07

You Belong in the UK

A little proper, a little saucy.
You're so witty and charming...
No one notices your curry breath

You Are 0% Redneck

I'll slap you so hard, your clothes will be outta style.

You ain't no redneck - you're all Yankee!

Your Dominant Intelligence is Musical Intelligence

Every part of your life has a beat, and you're often tapping your fingers or toes.
You enjoy sounds of all types, but you also find sound can distract you at the wrong time.
You are probably a gifted musician of some sort - even if you haven't realized it.
Also a music lover, you tend to appreciate artists of all kinds.
You would make a great musician, disc jockey, singer, or composer.

well that was entertaining!
((5 notes))so dance to some broken chords...

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