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i want life in every word...

Aly J
23 September
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family, friends, music, movies, & fun. thats my life. i love it.
a new found glory, a streetcar named desire, acdc, alkaline trio, all 3 neverending stories, amber drive, american idol, bad religion, bands, ben kweller, better off dead, blindside, blink 182, board games, bon jovi, brand new, breakfast club, bright eyes, cards, coheed and cambria, concerts, conor oberst, copeland, count the stars, cruiserweight, dashboard confessional, david graham, death cab for cutie, degrassi, denver harbor, driving alone, dynamite boy, eeyore, elefant, fallout boy, fenix tx, ferris bueller's day off, finch, fox and the hound, free stuff, further seems forever, garden state, glassjaw, going home, good grades, grandaddy, green, green day, guitar, gym class heroes, head automatica, headbands, high fidelity, homegrown, irish, jason mraz, jeff, jimmy eat world, john cougar mellencamp, john mayer, kickboxing, koalas, labyrinth, laughing, less than jake, m2m, mae, mail, matchbook romance, maxeen, memories, michelle branch, midtown, millencolin, moneen, motion city soundtrack, mountasia, movies, music, my family, my puppy william, nikola sarcevic, northstar, pat benatar, phone calls, pictures, piebald, posters, pretty in pink, recover, reel big fish, relient k, rilo kiley, river city high, rtvf, rufio, ryan cabrera, saves the day, say anything, senses fail, sexy beast, singing, singing in the rain, sixteen candles, sleep, smiles, something corporate, southbase, sparta, squirm, stars, staying up late, sting, story of the year, straylight run, stuffed animals, sublime, tcu, the 80s, the clarity, the cult, the cure, the donnas, the early november, the foo fighters, the get up kids, the last minute band, the matches, the movielife, the network, the police, the postal service, the princess bride, the proclaimers, the shining, the start, the starting line, the used, third eye blind, thursday, unique people, willy wonka, working out, yellowcard